Hands off Ukraine!

Sheffield Labour Left Statement:

Hands off Ukraine!

Russian Troops out!

No to NATO expansion!

Solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian working classes who are caught up in and resisting an imperialist war!

Sheffield Labour Left condemns President Putin’s decision to launch an invasion of Ukraine, unleashing terror, destruction and death on the people of that country.

Ukraine’s future should be determined by the will of its working people (to whom we extend our solidarity in this terrible situation) and not by two external, rival imperialist blocs.

The Russian working class is not our enemy, and we stand in solidarity with all those Russian citizens who have come out onto the streets to protest against their government’s military action and who are being suppressed by the agents of that same government, which claims to be waging this war in their name.

We reject NATO as an imperialist military bloc which does not bring peace, but protects and promotes the interests of US/UK/EU imperialist foreign policy in Europe and beyond.

As socialists in Britain, our main call and campaign, alongside opposing Putin’s War in Ukraine, should be for withdrawal from NATO as a necessary prerequisite for dismantling the British Imperialist state. At the same time we demand that our borders are open to Ukranian refugees fleeing this war, as they should be open to all refugees escaping conflict, poverty and/or oppression all over the world.  In addition we call for countries bordering this conflict to receive international aid in order to facilitate Ukrainian refugees safe passage through or sanctuary in those countries.

We also oppose any economic sanctions that have a detrimental effect on the working classes of Russia and Ukraine.

Our main enemy is at home, the only war worth fighting is a CLASS WAR!

No support for Western or Russian imperialism.

No support for USA/NATO or Putin.

Neither Washington nor Moscow.

For international socialism.

The main enemy is at home.

Solidarity with the working class in all countries.’